Terms and Conditions

Transaction Fees (per transacted amount)

Transaction fee is 2.7% per successful sale/ transaction. (Includes credit card charges via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Alipay, Bancnet, Gcash, Paypal, other future methods of payment.

Refund & Chargeback

All Refunds requested/received day after the settlement. The Hotel should process chargeback directly to the Guest. Transaction fees deducted are NOT refundable since the service of payment facilities has been rendered already.

Disputed Transactions by Guest

When a guest filed a dispute from their credit card issuer, Atlantis will request for proof of consumption with a deadline of 7 calendar days to submit (i.e. signed bill-out receipt, any form of document with guest signature of consumption, gov’t id copy of the guest). Failure to submit this document, the hotel will be liable in paying back the amount disputed to Atlantis.


The rates being showed during the Event are not commissionable.