HSMA Membership Application Form

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Official Representative

Alternative Representative

This is to acknowledge that we have reviewed and read the above basic information of HSMA. We will abide with the duties and responsibilities once we become an official member of the HSMA.

Data Privacy Consent

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012 and its Implementing Rule and Regulations (IRR) effective since September 8, 2016, I agree and authorize HSMA (with legal name: Organization of Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals, Inc) to:

  1. Use my information to process and administer services in the association.
  2. Retain my information for within five (5) years from the date of acquisition of personal information or at cancellation of this consent, whichever is earlier. I agree that my information will be anonymized after this period.
  3. Shared my information to affiliates and necessary third parties for any legitimate business purpose.
  4. Inform me of industry trends and future events/ activities using the information I shared with the association/organization.

I also acknowledge and warrant that I have acquired the consent from all parties relevant to this consent and hold free and harmless and indemnify HSMA from any complaint, suit, or damages which any party may file or claim in relation to my consent.