HSMA September Online Sales Registration Form

Property (Hotel / Outlet) Information

Project Contact Person

Data Privacy Consent

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012 and its Implementing Rule and Regulations (IRR) effective since September 8, 2016, I agree and authorize HSMA (with legal name: Organization of Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals, Inc) to:

  1. Use my information to process and administer services in the association.
  2. Retain my information within five (5) years from the date of acquisition of personal information or at cancellation of this consent, whichever is earlier. I agree that my information will be anonymized after the said period.
  3. Share my information with affiliates and necessary third parties for any legitimate business purpose.
  4. Inform me of industry trends and future events/activities using the information I shared with the association.

I also acknowledge and warrant that I have acquired the consent from all relevant parties and hold free and harmless and indemnify HSMA from any complaint, suit, or damages which any party may file or claim in relation to my consent.

Atlantis Settlement Agreement

This agreement is made and entered into by and between Atlantis Systems Technologies Filipinas, Corp whose address is Unit 2B Country Space Building, 133 HV dela Costa street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, AND The Resort/Hotel/Establishment

Business Information

Bank Details

Terms & Conditions

Transaction Fees (per transacted amount)

Transaction fee is 2.7% per successful sale/ transaction. (includes credit card charges via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Alipay, Bancnet, Gcash, Paypal, other future methods of payment)

Settlement Schedule

Settlement will be processed by Atlantis Systems and will be deposited directly to the Hotel's bank account, in a per cut-off basis:

  • September 1-15, 2022 transactions, settlement is 7 banking days after Sept.15
  • September 16-30, 2022 transactions, settlement is 7 banking days after Sept.30

A settlement report with proof of remittance will be provided via email, for reconciliation of all transactions.

Refund & Chargeback

All Refunds requested/received day after the settlement. The Hotel should process chargeback directly to the Guest. Transaction fees deducted are NOT refundable, since the service of payment facilities has been rendered already.

Disputed Transactions by Guest

When a guest filed a dispute from their credit card issuer, Atlantis will request for proof of consumption with a deadline of 7 calendar days to submit (i.e. signed bill-out receipt, any form of document with guest signature of consumption, gov’t id copy of the guest). Failure to submit this document, the hotel will be liable in paying back the amount disputed to Atlantis.

Registration Fee and Payment

Early Bird Promo - P3,000 to be settled on or before July 8, 2022
Regular Registration Fee - P5,000 to be settled from July 9, 2022 onwards

Please make check payable to :

Mode of Payment : Deposit in any BDO Branch with the following account details
Account Number : Current Account 00-45980133-22
Bank Address : Boni Ligaya Branch, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Please send a scanned copy of the deposit slip to [email protected] to facilitate tracking of payment.