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Things to do in Davao

Davao City is one of the Philippines' most well-known tourist destinations. The city has a good balance of natural and man-made attractions.

Continue reading to learn about the best activities and sites in Davao that you should add to your bucket list.

Parks, beaches, rare animal conservation facilities, outdoor experiences, dining on distinctive local cuisine, top-notch hotels, and the famed Kadayawan Festival are all available in the province

Explore Samal Island

Samal is easily accessible; go from Tagum City to Davao City first, then to the pier where the island's ferry departs. You can join a guided Davao activity if you want to enjoy a stress-free experience exploring the many sights on Samal Island.

You can climb Mt. Puting Bato to work up a sweat and enjoy the stunning vistas. There are various beaches and resorts where you can sunbathe, relax, or wade in the ocean.

You might also want to include Monfort Bat Cave in your schedule. They have a night immersion program where you can watch them emerge from the caverns! It's an excellent technique to communicate with these creatures. Flash photography, on the other hand, is not permitted since it might upset them.

Unwind at Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum

When you take a Malagos Garden tour, you'll be able to pet animals at the petting zoo, learn about the habits of butterflies at the butterfly sanctuary, and participate in a fun outdoor activity for kids and teenagers. At the bird feeding dome, you can meet bird species that you can feed with your two fingers while communicating directly with them.

Malagos is also home to the Philippines' first chocolate museum, in addition to these natural wonders. Malagos produces and sells its famed tree-to-bark chocolate, which is particularly popular in Japan.

Malagos is also home to the Mindanao Contemporary Art Gallery, which offers art and history to help visitors learn more about Mindanao's diverse culture.

Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Center spends every dollar donated on the protection of the country's national bird. This facility puts in a lot of effort and time to safeguard endangered animals while also providing a fun and engaging platform for locals and visitors.

The institution is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which were bred in captivity. It also serves as a haven for 10 other bird species, four mammal species, and two reptile species. It's a well-known sustainable destination in Davao City that's part of a farm trip.

People’s Park

People's Park is a good location to go to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, be one with nature, and contemplate the meaning of some interesting art.

This Park, which was established in 2007 by then-mayor President Duerte, includes 4 acres of expansive tropical rainforest, ponds, waterfalls, shady trees, and even some wild eagles.

Sit in the park and feed the pigeons, go for a run around the colorfully paved trails, or even join a public Zumba class with hundreds of other residents (every Sunday at 6 am).

Roxas Avenue Night Market

Peruse this Filipino night market, which is popular among Davao locals, to feel like a local. You may pick and choose from stalls after stalls of fresh and prepared seafood, meats, vegetables, and more on Roxas Avenue. Take some grilled pork on a stick to go or sit down for a tasty soup.

You might easily do some sightseeing and shopping during the day and then stop by the night market after you've worked up an appetite, as it's located between Aldevenco retail center and ADD University.

Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee, a strange and wild coffee brew, will delight coffee connoisseurs. A civet is a feral cat-like animal native to the Philippines that assists with coffee harvesting by eating sweet coffee cherries and then pooping out the beans. This organic technique, according to reports, provides the beans a deep flavor that is out of this world wonderful and free of bitterness.

If you try to buy Civet Coffee in the United States, you'll pay a lot of money, but the closer you get to the source, the cheaper it gets. Mt. Apo offers a coffee store and café where you can get an inexpensive cup of Civet Coffee or a bag to take home!

Mt. Apo

A journey to Davao City isn't complete without a visit to Mount Apo, sometimes known as the King of Philippine Peaks.

Mount Apo, with an elevation of 10,311 feet, is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. A crater lake formed naturally by volcanic activity can be found just before reaching the summit of Mount Apo.

At the summit of Mt. Apo, there are seven peaks visible. In good weather, you can see the stunning sunset and sunrise. You'll be treated to a panoramic view of Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato, Lake Venado, and other sights.

Rubber plantations, the Tudaya Fall, and wild deer and boars can all be found on this mountain. Because of the difficulty of the climb, it is only recommended for experienced climbers.

For March, April, and October, experienced mountaineers can attempt the summit. Mountain climbing events are organized by a variety of tour and mountain climbing organizations.