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Competition Categories

Competition Categories

Individual Awards
These shall cover positions within the Sales and Marketing Department, i.e. Room Sales, Events Management, Catering, Reservations, Public Relations and Communications, Revenue Management. There are three categories:

Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who provide direct/indirect sales and marketing support to secure and/or implement business revenue streams.

Examples of positions that fall under this category may include, but are not limited to, the following – Sales Coordinator, Sales Executive, Marketing Officer, Events Coordinator, Events and Catering Assistant, PR Associate/PR Assistant, E-Commerce Executive, Sales Secretary, Executive/Administrative Assistant, and Reservations Agent.

Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who directly/indirectly deliver any one or more of the sales and marketing components to secure and/or implement business revenue streams.

Examples of positions that fall under this category may include, but are not limited to, the following – Assistant Director of Sales, Senior Sales Manager/Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Events Management, Meetings and Events Manager, Banquet Manager, PR/Marketing Communications Manager, Reservations Manager/Assistant Manager, Revenue Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Director of Catering, Director of Events Management, and Director of PR and Advertising.

Regular employees of an HSMA member-property who lead and orchestrate at least two or more activities/functions that directly/indirectly define, or shape, the sales, and marketing strategy to secure and/or implement business revenue streams.

Examples of positions that fall under this category may include, but are not limited to, the following – Director of Marketing, Director of Sales and Marketing, and others with limited position titles but whose scope of work meet the aforementioned definition.

Institutional Award
This shall be given to recognize an HSMA member-property with the MOST OUTSTANDING MARKETING CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR. The campaign should be built on a single, unified theme; and should use at least two different types of media.

Special “Champions of Resilience” Award for COVID-19 Response
Recognition is especially meaningful during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This special award was created to recognize the contributions of individuals and institutional team/s in addressing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic since the lockdown in March 2020. It is a timely reminder of the determination, innovation, and commitment of hotel sales and marketing professionals across the country who have been working extremely hard to reopen, to welcome guests back safely, and to continue to provide excellent service. There are two categories:

One component of a pandemic recovery roadmap is to effectively reconnect the business with its clients and customers whose patronage may have been lost due to the pandemic. As quarantine regulations ease up, opportunities start to open.

This award will cover marketing campaigns,  PR campaigns and programs, social media communications and activities. Examples would be initiatives/campaigns that engage the public/customers in staying safe, in helping others adapt to the new normal,  in inspiring leisure travel bookings or group bookings post- COVID, in connecting a marketing message to a targeted subset of consumers especially to the loyal customer base, in providing reassuring information for regular and potential customers, among others.

The unfamiliarity with the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty with its impacts, challenge businesses to assess all its resources to find the best combination for it to survive. The driver for these can only come from Individuals/Teams who are determined to help steer pre-COVID-19 practices and strategies into fresh, creative concepts and approaches which are responsive to the “New Normal” realities being unveiled by COVID-19.

This award will cover hotel sales and marketing professionals at all job levels and hotel sales and marketing teams/groups who have undertaken initiatives/projects/endeavors that reflect innovative strategies, creativity and resilience in making the hotel experience safe, and demonstrating that to apprehensive customers, as well as in mitigating economic impact brought about by the crisis. Examples would be deployment of health and hygiene measures, fine-tuning booking tools to remind customers about the restrictions in place, offering meal plans for delivery/take-out to locals, or offering weekend getaway packages. “Out of the Box” ideas are encouraged.

Important: The category of each submission may be subject to change during the screening phase. HSMA reserves the right to reclassify an entry to a higher or lower category based on its appreciation of the accomplishment/achievement being cited and the position of the Nominee. For clarifications, please get in touch with the Virtus Awards Secretariat.