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  1. For the Individual Awards, criteria and weights are as follows:
Criteria Weight (%)
Actual Accomplishments and/or Achievements 40
Customer Service Orientation and Business Specific Knowledge 20
Team Work and Inter-Personal Relationships 20
Commitment to Continuing Education 20
Total 100
  1. For the Institutional Award, criteria and weights are as follows:
Criteria Weight (%)
Campaign Theme, Objectives and Content 30
Implementation 30
Results 30
Presentation 10
Total 100
  1. The Virtus Awards 2024 Organizing Committee will screen all nominations and shortlist submissions based on those which best meet the criteria for each award category.
  2. The category of each submission may be subject to change during the screening phase. The Virtus Awards 2024 Organizing Committee reserves the right to reclassify an entry to a higher/lower level based on its appreciation of the accomplishment/achievement being cited and the position of the Nominee.
  3. All shortlisted Nominees will be submitted for evaluation by a panel of judges. The shortlisted Nominees will be called for an interview where the Nominee will have the chance to further elaborate on his/her performance as well as give the panel of judges the opportunity to validate/clarify points.
  4. Stalwarts of the travel and tourism industry, members of the academe and thought leaders in the fields of business, advertising, public relations, media and digital marketing will comprise the panel of judges. Each award category will have its own dedicated panel of three judges.
  5. Judges will evaluate each entry based on its own merit and success. Scores will then be added cumulatively to arrive at an average score. Each entry will be scored by the three judges secretly.
  6. All scores will be computed electronically and verified by representatives from an independent auditing firm. Final scores will not be revealed until the awarding ceremony.
  7. In-Person Judging of Finalists will be on 24 August 2024, Saturday, at the Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila.