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Virtus Awards

Championing Excellence in Hotel Sales and Marketing

Since its launch in 2015, the Virtus Awards has become one of the most coveted awards in the hospitality industry. It continues to celebrate the successes of member hotels and resorts in setting game-changing standards in service, and creating innovative programs that help transform the hospitality industry positively.

The three individual awards (Associate, Manager and Leader) give recognition to the relentless pursuit of business opportunities to ensure their properties long-term business survival. On the other hand, the team award (Marketing Campaign) turns the spotlight on campaigns that demonstrate how a property has identified and successfully translated observed travel, recreation and celebration trends and changes into features, programs, messages that respond to current preferences and needs of old, new and future guests.

Now on its 9th year, this year’s competition puts a spotlight on how going “Beyond the Bottom Line” creates a mindset of excellence that allows businesses to reinvent and thrive in a constantly changing world. “Beyond the Bottom Line” calls for adaptability to change, for responsiveness to shifting preferences and needs, and for flexibility to future scenarios.

HSMA will continue to push forward to make the Virtus Awards leave its mark in the tourism industry, ensuring that the spotlight will be on the most deserving, and the winners be true exemplars of the tourism and hospitality industry.