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Virtus Awards

Championing Excellence in Hotel Sales and Marketing

Since its launch in 2015, the Virtus Awards has become one of the most coveted awards in the hospitality industry. It continues to celebrate the successes of member hotels and their strong hotel sales and marketing professionals for continuously demonstrating a steadfast belief in setting new standards in service and creating unique, memorable experiences that connect to their clients and engage the public.

Now on its 8th year, the Virtus Awards returns to its live in-person format with the theme “Breakthrough 2022”.

Without deviating from the original objectives of the Virtus Awards of retaining/creating markets, enhancing customer benefit and satisfaction as well as setting higher institutional standards in the industry, this year’s competition focus will be on springboard opportunities, game-changing pivot points and breakthrough results that continue to help transform the industry positively.

The past two years presented prolonged and intertwined obstacles (quarantine alert levels, travel restrictions, safety protocols, infection etc.). Specifically in the hospitality industry, these uncertainties obscured the vision to advance sales and market planning. The ability to quickly spot and grab these opportunities is an indication of the sales and marketing professional’s indomitable spirit, deep familiarity and thorough understanding of the business.

HSMA will continue to push forward to make the Virtus Awards leave its mark in the tourism industry, ensuring that the spotlight will be on the most deserving, and the winners be true exemplars of the tourism and hospitality industry.