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Entry Submission Process

Entry Submission Process


1. Prepare your information and data prior to filling up the Nomination Form. Separate and specific Nomination Forms are available for each category. Instructions are provided in each form. You may download a pdf copy of the Nomination Forms here for your reference.

Sales and Marketing Associate Sales and Marketing Manager Sales and Marketing Leader Marketing Campaign


2. Entries can either be submitted online or sent at [email protected].
2.1. Read all instructions carefully before filling up the form. All required fields must be filled up.

2.2. Note the limitations on characters, spaces included, in your answers.

2.3. It may be advisable to pre-compose your answers to best respond to the information required yet within the specified character-input limits.

2.4. Save your data regularly.

2.5. Prepare photo/media files for uploading to the system.

2.6. Review the accuracy of data inputted before submitting. Once you have submitted your form, changes to the inputted data will no longer be allowed.

3. For the Marketing Campaign category, supporting materials may be uploaded in a variety of electronic formats. Please review file format and size requirements to avoid entry problems.

4. Please read the Declaration Statement carefully before signing. Any willful misrepresentation will be ground for disqualification.

5. Submit online forms no later than 11:59 p.m. of 09 August 2024, Philippine time.

6. An Acknowledgment message will be sent to the e-mail address of both the Nominator as well as the Nominee.